The Susan Ashley 1904-1937

The final Brooke Lifeboat was the Susan Ashley. She was 35ft by 8ft 6in. A self-righter she was built by Thames Ironworks and cost £844. 

 November 27th 1910

The French ketch Rene went ashore at Sudmore. Brooke Lifeboat arrived in time to see her get off and sail away


The engines of a steamer, Poplar, broke down 5 miles out at sea and Brooke lifeboat stood by until tugs arrived.


February 4th 1916

During a south-west gale and heavily breaking seas, a Norwegian ship, the Souvenir, went ashore on Brook Ledge.


The Urkiole Mendi was bound for Algeria from Middlesborough with a cargo of iron ore when it came ashore. Brooke lifeboat stood alongside with the Yarmouth motor lifeboat until she was re-floated.



The 2600 ton steamer Roumelian of Liverpool collided with the SS St Nazare 24 miles south west of the Needles. The St Nazare continued her journey while the Roumelian limped towards the safety of the Solent.

Never before have the beach and cliffs at Brook presented such a scene of animation and interest as on Whit Monday afternoon, when a crowd, which must have numbered 2,000 saw what will probably be the last launch of the Brook lifeboat by horse power...