George and Ann1867-1888

32ft x 7ft 6in self-righter, built by Forest of Limehouse, London.

Cost £274

 November 15th 1871

The fine Liverpool barque Cassandra was sailing from London to Madras when she was caught in a particularly fierce gale in the Channel.

In 1872 there were four rescues:

the Norwegian ship Sjorn, the barque Hope, the brig L’Etoile and the brigantine Malcolm Brown.

October 18th 1874

When the brig Hermoso Habanero struck on the rocks at Sudmore below Mottistone, the crew took to their boats, but as the sea was so rough they had to secure them to the anchor in the bows of the vessel.

January 15th 1875

The lifeboat once more proved its worth when the barque Blanche Margeurite from Philipville, on her way to Dunkirk loaded with barley struck on the Sudmore ledge. A crew of ten lives were saved in spite of heavy seas in which no ordinary boat could have survived.


 January 19th 1876

The Brooke lifeboat was launched to rescue fourteen men on board the barque Mignonette and succeeded in bringing all ashore in thick weather and a heavy ground swell.


December 14th 1883
The Castle Craig, from Odessa in the Black Sea, was loaded with Russian grain, oil and feathers when she lost her bearings in thick fog and drove on to Brook Ledge.

November 1884

On a Tuesday morning at 1am a small schooner, Princess of Thule, owned by its captain and bound for Montrose, was laden with maize and came ashore on the rocks at Brook in very thick fog. With assistance from coastguards and fishermen she was lightened of some of her cargo and got off the rocks at 7.30pm.


January 30th 1886

A 100 ton schooner, William Thornborrow, bound from Teignmouth for London with a cargo of pipe clay, came ashore at Brook and soon became full of water and likely to become a total wreck. Captain Spiller and his crew took to their boats and abandoned her. She was afterwards boarded by the coastguards who took charge of her on behalf of the Receiver of Wrecks. The captain and crew rowed round the Needles and up through the Solent to land at Cowes.