The church registers escaped the fire and are complete from 1653. Read the articles to see a full list of the rectors and their dates

Under the direction of Charles Seely and his own energies, John Pellew Gaze was instrumental in the committees formed to set up Brooke Lifeboat.

Rev. Collingwood Fenwick (1833- 1856) appears to have been one of the last of the hunting and land-owning clergy.

As an accomplished school master, the Rev. Morris was  invaluable as Sir Charles Seely’s right-hand man on the Reading Room Committee...

Rector of Brook for nearly 20 years, the Rev. Shaw here leads the procession up to Brook Church for the funeral of the second Sir Charles Seely in 1926. 


In the following two memories, his daughter, Mary, remembers her father and life in Brook Rectory in the 1930s and Jack Seely recounts a service that was interrupted by the lifeboat maroon.

The Rev. Kirkbride (1942 - 1949) came from Canada and was rector for a comparatively short time.

By the time the Rev. Appleton (1949 - 1953) arrived in Brook he had already retired once and was titled ‘priest in charge.’  

The Rev. Robert Bowyer (1953 - 1978) is remembered with great fondness by many who lived in the area when he was vicar of Brook with Mottistone.

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