This cricketing song about the Boys of Brooke and Mottistone was written by Frank Fellowes in 1883, and in 65 lines (‘It shall not be long...’) celebrates the team of Renwick, Hilton, Watts, Read, Roberts, Frank Cook, Ben Jacobs, Wallis Lock, and John, Frank and James Newbery.

The Boys of Brooke and Mottistone - by that cricketing muff – the Knight of Saint John

I’ll sing you a song, it shall not be long

Of the Boys of Brooke and Mottistone! Oh!

So trundle your bats, and put on your hats,

And it’s off to the cricket field, let us all go!

And give a cheer Boys – stout and strong, 

With the Bard who sings this cricketing song.

Hip! Hip! Hurrah!!! troll it along!

Hip! Hip! Hurrah!!! for the cricketer’s song!

Hip! Hip! Hurrah!! – Hip! Hip! Hurrah!!


There’s Renwick Charles, true to the death,

A better fellow, never drew breath,

An officer soon, in our army will be,

With warrant of pluck, and bravery.

He bats so steady, -he bats so strong,

He sends the ball, the field along,

And many a mile – trudge we may -,

Ere we shall see balls, put cleaner away.


There’s Hilton too, a cricketer true, 

The youngest of all, our cricketing crew,

And nobody knows at all, what he will do,

Be the ball a yorker, sneaker or screw,

For, come as it may, he sends it away,

In an easy, merry, frolicksome way;

And I think the youngster, as a bat,

Will lick the lot, for a’ that, and a’ that.


There’s Watts, the captain, a bowler cute,

And Oh! By jingo! Don’t his balls shoot!

As an underhand bowler, he has sway,

Though he’s underhand, in no other way.

He oft, for our team, a wicket doth gain,

By sending the bails spinning over the plain.

There’s Read, the sticker, though not a stick,

For keeping his wicket’s a regular brick;


Whilst Roberts the slasher, slashes away,

Making runs fast, while Read doth stay.

And if you’re bowling mind what you’re at, 

If Frank Cook faces as a bat.

One of the best, of our bowling men,

Is genial, jovial, Jacobs Ben;

His balls, as from cannon, come rushing along,

When hurled by his arm, so swift and strong.


There’s Wallis Lock, who is good, all round;

And Newbery John, a slow bowler sound;

And Newbery Frank, and Newbery James,

The capital helps, in our cricketing games.

There’s Fellows frank! Knight of St John!

A splendid fellow! – for looking on!

For – let but a swift ball, come his way,

And he’s jolly sure….to bolt away!

So to make amends he pens this lay,

Of the jolly boys – who cricket play,

And hopes he may be with them long, 

To celebrate their deeds in song.


Now will I sing of those who bring

Grace and beauty to our ring.

There’s our kind hostess,…Renwick hight

Whom we love and respect, for her virtues bright,

For her goodness of soul, and her generous heart,

Oh! What should we do, were she to depart?

Our hostess fair, - is always there,

With her gracious smile and pleasant air:

Miss Mary, too, fair, frank and free

With her bright eyes beaming gloriously!

And then! Miss Frances! – gentle and dutiful!

Sweet as a rose, all blooming and beautiful,

Makes the Graces three.

I’ve sung you my song – It has not been long and …