Seely Hall and W.I.

In November 1893 the IOW County Press announced: The Parish Room which Mr Seely M.P. has generously presented for the free use of the parishioners...

In the early days kettles for tea were boiled in Brook Villa (next door) where the caretakers, Mr and  Mrs Robert Hayter lived.

The rules for members were clearly laid out and included:

No one will be admitted under sixteen years of age...

In the thirty years between 1920 and 1950, three ladies: Mrs Joe Morris, Mrs Daisy Newbery and Mrs Ella Hookey kept an eye on the ‘goings on’ in the Hall.

Brook Social Club minutes for 1950 and 1951 show that the club was open to people of 12 to 100 years.

One of the enduring reminders of the Brook WI is the fascinating village scrapbook made by members in 1958. Sadly the Brook W.I. was suspended in October 1989, perhaps due to the changing circumstances in the village.

Local Look made its home in the Seely Hall for the month of August in 1965 and returned every summer for 25 years.

The Choir was formed in 1953 under the leadership of Mrs Smith. They brought much honour and glory to Brook...


Every Christmas money was collected for a children’s party in the Seely Hall.

Valerie Downer (Cook) describes how from 1933 to 1989 Brook W.I. members supported local, county and world issues. 

In 1921 General Jack Seely gave the strip of land opposite the Seely Hall to the village to be used as a green.

Activities have changed over the past 100 years from the Astronomical Lecture in 1893 to today’s yoga and art classes.