Eve O’Neil remembers vividly her childhood summers at Dunsbury spent with her grandparents, Fred and Emily Barnes: Granny was a wonderful cook, lovely fruit cakes and pies. Grampy grew everything and his new potatoes were special. Granny would put all the small potatoes into a bucket and we would have them with cold meat and pickles at supper time. Mustard was made daily from powdered mustard. I always remember her mustard pot, a silver dish with a blue glass interior. One of her lovely dishes was steak and kidney pudding; she would line a basin with suet pastry, fill it with the meat and gravy, then a suet lid would be placed on top covered with a pristine white cloth, tied with string and steamed all morning on the kitchen range. Granny used a tablecloth with a green border for breakfast and a blue bordered white cloth at dinner time. Grampy came home at dinner time and he would put a page from the Radio Times under his plate so he wouldn’t spill any gravy on the cloth. Granny would cook a suet pudding in a cloth for Grampy. He would have half with his meat and vegetables and the other half with jam or golden syrup. Working on the land, he needed good meals to keep him going until he finished work.