‘Safe’ Edmunds

I think it was an insurance man came to his house on Hoxall Lane. Safe was working away out in the garden there. This man said to Safe ‘Does Mr Edmunds live here?’ ‘Yes,’ said Safe, ‘he lives in there. The man went and talked to the lady of the house then he came out and said ‘You didn’t tell me you was Mr Edmunds,’ ‘No, you never asked me.’

Buddy Edmunds

It was a lovely day and a plane was flying up high and Jim (Hookey) says to Buddy: ‘How would you like to be up there with he then Buddy?’  ‘Shouldn’t care to be up there without him,’ he said.    

‘Lopper’ Coleman 

‘Lopper’ met a friend at the bus top in Brook and they started chatting: ‘Zetten off t’Nippert, bist thee?’ he asked. ‘Oim off ter git t’Missus one o’they television sets,’ was the answer. ‘Darn expensive bain’t they?’  ‘Oi don’t kees a cuss about expense.’  Not wishing to be outdone, Lopper retorted, ‘Oim gittin’ one o’they too.’  ‘Yew cain’t do that, yew ain’t got no electrics’ –  ‘Ah!’ he said, ‘ Oi be getting’ one o’ they Calor Gas ones!’