Brook fisherman and prawn and lobster pot maker. Alf was born at Ned's Cottage, Dunsbury (now Mary's Cottage) and for most of his adult life lived at Thurles (the cottage back to back with Chine Cottage on Brook Green).

Alf's prawns were in demand from as far away as London. The prawns were apparently taken by cart to the train station at Calbourne or Ningwood and went from there to Newport, transferred to the train to Ryde Pier and were in Billingsgate Market the same day.

Joining the Navy when young, Alf later came back to Brook and worked as a fisherman the rest of his life. He rarely left Brook. His fishing hut was at the bottom of the cliffs at Sudmoor, his withy beds were along the other side of the Military Road (near where the lane goes up to Toll Bar Cottage, Hulverstone). 

Alf was a rowing member of Brook Lifeboat and in the 1930s Alf became joint coxswain with Gen Jack Seely.